About WhatsApp Messenger

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a most popular social app. The first purpose of launching WhatsApp was chatting. Sudden it became more popular in a limited time period. Officially WhatsApp also get used. There are so many features by which it is on the top.
WhatsApp is giving so many features. You can easily share your feelings and emotions with friends and followers with the help of message, files, gifs, audio, video images etc. Everything we can use to make our chatting impressive.

What Is Whatsapp Group?

The most important feature of WhatsApp is WhatsApp group. Groups are very useful for Whatsapp users. It helps to engaged more friends at once. Sometimes you feel bored, that time a  group only for you. Only open any active group are a help to and chat with an online participant.
For the first time, the group administrator is only the God of the group. But, when the whatsapp developers add the group link option, then the admin make a joker. Anyone one participant this group help of join links no need any admin approval.

What is Whatsapp group invite link?

Just like walking on the road, our feet are necessary. In the same way, a group link is required to reach a group. A group invite link is a way to join public member.

How to Create a WhatsApp group link ?

All Whatsapp user Create group invite link. For this, need a WhatsApp group. Only admin can make this feature. Let’s see the below step I write poper step to make group invite link.


First, make a whatsapp group [ Click 3dot icon or   icon ⇒ New Group⇒ Add participant ⇒ Type Group Name ]


After complete to make whatsapp group, click on 3 Pencil  icon.  There are a lot of options you find but hit on Group info.


invite link

Next page, You will get Group Invites link  , Tap on that . The next windows says the copy link .

How to join Whatsapp Group Via Invite Link?

Before going into a group first introduced how to use it. It is very simple to use just read the below step.
First, go to WhatsApp Group Links page where you will see a lot of Whatsapp Group link. Choose any link and click on that.

choose any group
It redirects to a new window and saw apps list on your Device, Choose the Whatsapp apps.
Now see the group icon and CANCEL AND JOIN GROUP option.

tap on join group
you are a participant of this group after select  JOIN GROUP button.

participant whatsapp group
Repeat the step 1 to 5 multiple Group join. You may send your group Link to us for Getting people to join in it.

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